Sunday, July 7, 2013

We FINALLY went on a picnic

We LOVE our picnics but haven't been on too many lately. When I told the kids that we were going on a picnic and were going to check out a possible campsite, they were even more excited.

Master M, with an extremely hopeful look, asked if we were going to the beach. I had to burst his bubble and tell him that we weren't going to the beach but somewhere even BETTER. We were going to a creek that had LOTS AND LOTS OF ROCKS.
As my son can spend all day throwing rocks into water I can tell you that his excitement was pretty extreme...and loud.

Plenty of rocks were to be found.

Plenty were thrown into the creek.

The creek was explored by happy kidlettes.

I explored with them for awhile but the headache that had been building since before we even reached Kilcoy was getting to a nearly unbearable stage.  (I've been having some bad headaches this week so I don't know what possessed me to take a 2 hour drive from home for a picnic.)

In the end I leaned back against a log and let the kids do their own exploring which they loved.

Lunch was basic but very tasty and kept our energy levels up.

We've also found a place to come not that far from home and nice and quiet (until my kids arrive). 
It's in the Benarkin Forest near Blackbutt and is on Emu Creek.  Unfortunately the Emu Creek camping and day use area are closed now due to previous flooding (I think), but the Clancy's camping area is still open and is lovely and peaceful.

A few more shady trees would be nice but I wouldn't complain if I was there now. 
There's about 13 kilometres of dirt road to get to the camp ground which can be a bit slippery and bumpy after some rain but it was pretty good.  I wouldn't like meeting one of the logging trucks on one of the tricky corners though.
The kids have decided they definitely want to go back to camp although Little Miss R is not so certain now because there's too many corners and hills on the way there (she gets VERY car sick).
My headache abated slightly after I took some pain killers so was able to endure the drive home even with two chattering and fighting squirrels in the back seat.
 A BIG HUGE THANK YOU is a must for my sister and brother-in-law.  We called into their place on the way home and they looked after the kidlettes while I slept, then fed us all dinner before we continued home.
xx Susan

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