Sunday, March 3, 2013

Girl's lunch

It's that time of year again, my friend Jodi's birthday. We celebrated a week late this year because my sister Sandra had her Danish visitors staying and I also need hubby home so he can look after the kids.
The last couple of years we've gone out at night (fantastic Mexican and Margarita's last year and great Italian the year before).
This year we were ladies who lunch.
 Driving to Mooloolaba was a bit of a wet trip for my sister Sandra and myself.  We really did need a snorkel and flippers to get there as the rain was torrential.
We browsed some of the shops along the Esplanade first after we met up with Jodi and Kris and I got some inspiration for my next crochet projects. 
Aren't they absolutely gorgeous! 

I'll be trawling Ravelry today for some patterns but if I can't find what I want then I can probably work out a pattern easily enough.  I want to be able to tweak it easily too so I can make adult size ones as I REALLY, REALLY want one of these hats for myself.

The cafe's along the Esplanade were so unbelievably busy due to it being Saturday and pouring rain.  People were everywhere which was a bit overwhelming so we were lucky we spied a restaurant in the back street which looked nice.
What a find!!!!!
It was one of the best meals we've EVER had and the service was just fantastic.
I had intended to take photos of my meals but I'd finished them before I remembered so you just get the empty oyster shells to gaze at.  (Oysters Kilpatrick but made with Chorizo instead of bacon.  Oh yum, yum, yum!)

Jodi and Kris shared some bread with Pistachio dukkah which was really good too (I just had to have a taste) and my sister had the most divine Pate I've ever tasted in my life.  (Yes I had a taste of that too).
I think all other pate will pale in comparison to what we had it was just so good.

Our main meals were equally, if not more awesome than the entree's.  I continued on with my seafood theme and ordered the scollaps.  I wish I'd taken a photo first because they were presented really well and looked so cute.
The scollaps were sitting on a bed of roasted capsicum, chorizo and tomato based sauce with a parmesan biscuit thingy on top (I'm certainly no culinary expert).

It was so unbelievably beautiful. 
Sandy had Red Harissa chicken with pearl cous cous which was so beyond divine.  I nearly chose this meal too but I'm glad I ordered the scollaps, especially as I got to share my sister's meal so I ended up enjoying the chicken too.
Jodi and Kris both ordered the Seafood Paella which looked so amazing and both of them were in raptures over it and said it was the best they had ever eaten.
Then to top it off we even got free desserts so Sticky Date Pudding, Cheesecake and Creme Brulee's were ordered and devoured as they were pretty amazing too.
So lunch was pretty amazing with lots of wonderful chatting helped along by wine and cocktails.
Then it was time for a bit more of a wander before braving the weather and driving home (thank you Sandy for being driver as I really enjoyed my wine!).
Snorkels and flippers were thrown out the window and we contemplated converting the car to a submarine.  We made it home safely though and guess what?  It's STILL RAINING.
xx Susan
BTW if you want to know where we ate it's called The Lounge Bar and Dining.  It's on First Avenue in the Cilento Building at Mooloolaba and I highly recommend it for the most awesome food and fantastic service. 
I just googled and found their website so click on the link and check out the menu.  Yum, yum, yum. 

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