Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Hat Parade

The last day of school for the term was certainly an experience. It gave me an even more HUGE appreciation of just what teachers do each and every day and brings home to me just why I will NEVER EVER BE A TEACHER!!!!
It was a special day for the preppies as from 12pm they got to make Easter Hats and if they were lucky their Mum's or Dad's were able to come along to help them make their hats.
There was lots of glue, glitter, paper, sticky stuff, bright stuff, gluggy stuff, icky stuff, fluffy stuff and nearly everything else you could think of to make their hats. 
I remembered about an hour before I had to be there that I was going to crochet some flowers so a very industrious 40 minutes later I had 7 flowers and 1 leaf to put on my boys hat.

After the decorating we got to sit down to have lunch with out cherubs and then it was off to the hall for the hat parade with the other preppies (there are 3 classes of them at this school).

There were lots of wonderful creations and I think ours stood up to the test but then that could also be from the amount of glue Master M decided we needed on his hat to make everything stick.

After the hat parade it was time for games like the 3 legged race or a pass the ball game or a steal the egg from the nest game.

Last for our group was the egg and spoon race which my boy certainly had his own version off after he dropped his egg after one step, then kicked it across the room, raced to grab it, ran back with the spoon in one hand and the egg in the other to pass it onto the next child in line. 
Mum had to take his next go.  He INSISTED!  My egg stayed on although my boy tried hard to make it fall off.

Do you want to see our Easter hat close up?  Of course you do!

It's made of a paper plate that I cut a spiral out of in the top and then stuck drinking straw in it to give it some depth.  Then everything was stuck on with glue or sticky tape until Master M was happy.
Now Little Miss R wants her own hat so the first day of the Easter school holidays will be spent making Easter hats at home.  Oh and we'll be baking a cake too as it's my sister's birthday and the kids REALLY, REALLY want to make a birthday cake for their Aunty Sandy.
Wish me luck especially as it's WAY past bedtime and none of us is too interested in going to bed right now.  I'm sure I'll be paying for that decision tomorrow.
xx Susan
P.S.  My boy insisted on a photo with his mummy.  Here is the first one we've had in YEARS together.
Certainly no Pixie portrait but it's very much us!

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bones said...

Awesome hat creation Susie. I haven't had to do Easter bonnets yet but it's only a matter of time :)