Monday, October 8, 2012

There were some quiet moments......honest!

As any Mother will tell you, holidays with children are not always relaxing. Most of the time it's just doing the same stuff...just in a different and probably much more picturesque location.
So I got to enjoy sunsets.  The only time you'll ever see a sunset over water in Queensland is if you're looking over a dam or a river.
I got to enjoy the wildlife.  It was so lovely to go for a paddle on my own in the kayak.  The kidlettes did yell at me for quite awhile to take them with me but I resisted and floated around on the water where it was peaceful and quiet.  More than bliss!

I loved looking at some of the houses surrounding Leslie Dam and fantasising about which one would be mine.  It was the old Queenslander with high ceilings and surrounding verandahs of course.  (Being near Warwick it would definately need an air conditioner in summer and a fireplace in winter.)

Then there was the fire at night.  Once everyone else was in bed (children and adults), I stayed up that bit later and enjoyed some ME time beside the fire. 

There were a couple of days when I got to enjoy a bit of quiet hooky time but as the whole place was gritty sand, it became a bit difficult to keep everything clean.  In the end I started (and finished amazingly), the book I took over with me.

Did I mention the sunsets?  The afternoons were just lovely.  The campfire was going, the chardonnay was chilled, kids were happy playing and no tv or computer in sight.  I didn't want to leave!

Then the days would start again and I could have some peaceful kayak time.

....then some wine and campfire time late afternoon.

....followed by peaceful campfire time just for me again.

How I miss those moments.

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