Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kids love camping

Not only do adults love to get away from it all but kids just love being away from home too.
The mundane routine that we can get into at home can really get to them as well as us which is why they love getting away too.
Four kids, away from home for over a week and not missing all their usual activities, the tv or anything else at all.
Why would you when you can kayak....

...even if you get pushed out too far by your sibling or cousin and have to be rescued. Thank goodness for life jackets.

Why would you miss watching tv when you can walk 20 metres to the water and go for a swim pretty well anytime you want during the day.

You can stand on a picnic table and entertain everyone with an impromptu concert. 

Meeting other kids from around the camp and forming friendships for a few days is always a bonus as well.  We always ended up with plenty of other kids around our camp joining in the play fun.  I think we fed quite a few of them too when it was snack time.

We got out the Boules and Coights for the kids to have a bit of fun too. (Until Master M ran in front of someone throwing a very heavy Boules ball and got clonked on the forehead.  He had a nice little egg for a couple of days.)

Nan and Poppy took over their canoe too and the kids got to have a go in that as well.  Little Miss R is bringing her brother and cousin back (below) because the two four year olds got a little enthusiastic and were ready for a big paddle.


Daddy came to the rescue and took all four kids out on the water to explore a bit.  They just loved it.

Then there was the building of things around camp.  We couldn't work out what Little Miss R and Nephew J were doing (below) until we went over to investigate.

They worked so well together to build a ladder so they could climb the tree.  Very inventive although I'm not sure how they were going to get it to stay together as they had no nails or rope.  Needless to say this project didn't get off the ground!

Investigating the most recent catch after Poppy and Daddy had been fishing was always pretty exciting too. 

We took the kids bikes over too so they were able to zoom around the campground.  In fact, most of the kids camping where we were had bikes so you always had to watch out for someone zooming somewhere when you went for a walk.
Master M even rode a short distance on his own without training wheels.  He still needs a bit more practice and some confidence before he's truly on his own.

A week of fun things and plenty of exercise and activity every day certainly makes camping fantastic for kids.  Mummy's certainly love it too as they get so worn out from their day time activities that their in bed soon after dinner with no complaint.  Bliss!
xx Susan

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