Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm finding it a little difficult to believe that we're nearly halfway through another week.

I uploaded the following photos on the weekend and haven't had much of a chance to get back to writing anything until now.

Saturday was the school Funfest and luckily the weather was gorgeous for it.

Lovely hubby was back at work so the kidlettes and I headed down there for what I intended to be only a couple of hours.  Over 4 hours later, two very tired kids and one tired Mummy, we eventually got home.

There were rides that they wanted to have a go on.  The chair swing was the first one and I thought it maybe the last for a bit as Little Miss R was looking quite sick on it.

She gets car sick easily so I wasn't surprised she didn't handle it well but all was good in the end.


My two loved the slide and there were big grins as they came flying down this one.


The jumping castle was also a must for them both and the Teacup ride was survived with no accidents although my girl felt quite sick on this too.


After that it was declared that there were no more rides for awhile so we headed off to check out the class stalls.  We bought some goodies from the cake stall, got faces painted, enjoyed the surprise of a lucky dip present and then decided that we really needed some lunch.

We headed up to the shady area at the end of the oval for a 'picnic' away from all the people to enjoy a bit of quiet time.  After a nice relax and a bit of a play on the oval which both kids were really happy to do, we went back for some more runs down the slide. 

The mechanical bull was tempting but in the end was passed up for more slide time.

A happy but tiring day was had by all.

xx Susan

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