Saturday, August 4, 2012

An awesome find

Instead of our ususal knit and natter morning on Wednesday, my sister and I decided to have a girl's morning out instead. 

It consisted of visits to craft shops and coffee of course but the best bit was the discovery of a fantastic fabric shop.

My sister knew about it and had been there before so she decided to take me there.  I was a bit overwhelmed and really didn't know where to look first.

The place was stuffed FULL of gorgeous fabric, trimmings, buttons and anything else you can think of that you would need when sewing.


It's tucked into a corner in part of an industrial estate and isn't well signed but there was always people popping in and out the whole time we were there.


If you're a quilter then there's fat quarter's galore.


Then once you start to get your bearings and your fluttering heart slows enough so you can get down to the serious business of working out what you want to buy, you find out that there's a whole other room!


This room is chock full of some really gorgeous quilting fabric. 

Yes, I did end up deciding on something to buy so came home with some nice fabric and ric rac.

Oh yes, for those who live near here and want to visit, it's called Brian's Fabrics and Accessories and is in the Warana Industrial estate.
Just click on the link and it will take you to their website and has the address.

I hope you're all having a fantastic week.  I'm spending most of my nights on lounge watching the Olympics which is why blogging has been a bit slow lately.  (In fact it's the wee hours of the morning now and I'm watching the track cycling.)

I've also been busy baking lots of cakes and goodies for the Year 1 cake stall at the school fete tomorrow..oops, it's today now. 

xx Susan

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