Thursday, May 10, 2012

The joy of a late appointment

Every few weeks Little Miss R has a late afternoon appointment sometime during the week.

If the traffic's good and we're a little early then we head up to Point Cartwright to check out the ocean views.

It's such a gorgeous part of the world and I normally wouldn't see it at this time of day otherwise as we're usually at home.

Last week Lovely Hubby was home on appointment day which meant he could stay with Little Miss R while I took Master M for a short walk to the Mooloolah River.

It was so lovley at this time of day.

The sun was just about set, the lights from the boats and riverside houses were on and it was pleasant to be out in t-shirt and shorts even though winter officially starts in a few weeks.

Moments like this remind me just how lucky we are and what a beautiful place we live in.

xx Susan

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