Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grocery challenge: update

So how have I gone this week with my grocery challenge?

Pretty well :)

I've gone under the $80 budget again and only slightly over the $60 target so I'm not too upset with myself. 

Drum roll..........$61.91 is my total spending for this week.

Next week may be a little different because there are a couple of good specials coming up on things we usually buy in bulk so I may be spending about a quarter of the budget on them.  I should be able to organise it so I'm under budget though.

Actually I'll HAVE to organise it because  I won't have much choice will I?   A budget is a budget and that's what you stick to so lets hope I organise things right and we don't miss out on essentials.

xx Susan

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Well done! I'm going to join you in the grocery challenge too because, you know....I'm saving for an airfare!!! :) Oh I crack me up.