Monday, December 12, 2016

So far, so...okay

The first few days of the summer school holidays have gone by.  They have been a little challenging as once the kids hit 3pm on the last day of school they went FERAL! 
It has been a few days of constant fighting and I for one am exhausted.  I haven't been sleeping well anyway so I'm really looking forward to lovely hubby coming home in the early hours of Monday to have a bit of round the clock help for a few days.

I find the best outing for me when the kids are like this is to go to the zoo.  I know I've blogged about it so many times but it really is a great place to go and we are so lucky we are only 3 kilometres from it.

As part of the kids Christmas present we get them an annual pass.  It's only $59 for a child and $99 for an adult so I believe it to be money very well spent considering we go there regularly throughout the year. 
 Sunday afternoon we were all getting a bit cantankerous so we headed up there just after 2pm to renew our passes.  The kidlettes loved getting an early Christmas present.
We were also there for the 2.30pm croc feeding time which is always a treat.  You're much closer to the action than at the main show.  It was Acco's turn for a feed on this particular day and he's the biggest crocodile at the zoo so we were in for a bit of a treat.  The kids loved it!

 That is one seriously big croc!


 As we were only going to be there for a couple of hours we decided to enjoy an ice-cream...

 ...which was a seriously messy treat.

 Then we checked out a few more animals before heading home.  I love living so close that we can just go for a couple of hours so it's not an exhausting day.
Hope you're all getting geared up for Christmas!
xx Susan

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