Monday, November 14, 2016

Out for some fun

The intention was to have a lazy weekend wallowing in front of the air conditioners because of the heat.   I think we handled that end of it quite well actually. 

We did decided to pop out for a bit and go to the nearby Skippy Park to have a play.  It's only takes a few minutes to drive there from our house so we decided to head up there early before the heat really struck.

There was the slide to go on of course and a bee-line is made for it as soon as we arrive.
 It's a truly wonderful big, long slide that the kids love.  It was even better that we had the whole place to ourselves which was a bit of a miracle because even at 8.30 in the morning there's usually plenty of people out and about here.


 The spider web is always fun to climb, as well as zooming along on the zip line and playing on the swings.

 It was pretty hot work even this early...

 Another favourite is the log in the sandpit area.

 I was able to get a little of this done but not much at all really.

 We were home before 9.30am and ready to put the air conditioners on and enjoy the rest of the hot day in the cool of the house.

Now I know that this outing seems to be truly wonderful and happy and it makes me realise just how much we blog writers can edit out to make things sound nice and idyllic.

The whole time spent at the park was about 30 minutes.  The only happy and peaceful times are what you see in the photos.

Little Miss R screamed and ranted at her brother from the moment she got out of the car because SHE WAS GOING ON THE SLIDE FIRST!!!  He was off like a rabbit and nearly at the slide before she had even got out of the car but I think he even recognised something in his sister at the time and patiently waited for her.

She continued to rant, whinge, scream, cry, throw tantrums and make life miserable for us all...and that was just the first 5 minutes. 

Master M then very subtley started to do little things to get back at his sister.  Things like leaving his shoes on the slide when she was trying to go down and many other small manner of things.    He didn't say anything of course, just got his revenge very quietly.  That just made Miss R's tantrums all the LOUDER. 

She did quieten down for a bit after he shook the bejesus out of the web thing and she was near the top and nearly fell through.  She hung there clinging for a bit until he stopped and she was able to climb down.  She was a bit quiet after that as I think it MAY have got through to her for a few moments not to push her brother too far.

After 10 minutes I was ready to fall in a blabbering heap and was extremely thankful that no other people were around to view my feral offspring or their not coping mother just at that moment.

Things did calm down briefly with short and intense spikes off emotion until both children decided that they WANTED TO GO HOME!!!

I'm hearing you there!! I was so ready to go and was deciding to work out if it was too bloody early for a wine considering Bex is no longer around. 

A lovely cup of tea did the trick when I got home though. (and no I did not put a splash of whiskey in it like I was tempted to do).

So that was our lovely outing for a little bit of fun.

I'm sure you all have very similar stories.  :)

xx Susan

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