Monday, July 15, 2013

A beautiful Queensland winter's day

Pretty nice isn't it?
The last day of the school holidays dawned quite nice and warm.  It was too nice a day to stay at home so the kids and I headed down to Caloundra for awhile.
It was a lovely morning out and then I heard from my Uncle who wanted to take us out for a drive too.  I certainly didn't feel like being at home with two fighting kids on this lovely day so we piled into his car and headed for Bribie Island.

He took us to the fantastic display outside the Bribie RSL which the kids had a wonderful time playing on.  (We did try to explain about a few things but I doubt any of it sunk in).
They both absolutely loved the tank.

Then they had great fun trying to shoot planes, aliens, pirates and anything else they could think of.

We tried to explain that this is an older version of the guns Uncle Ivan used to fire during the Vietnam War.  I don't think that conversation sunk in either.  (I think a few aliens or pirates were walking by at the time).

While my Uncle was explaining to me how the above gun worked, I turned around to find my son here....

I'm sure he's part monkey and the big climbing thing at the playground later confirmed this.
We ended up out at Woorim beach where the kids had a wonderful time at the playground and then down at the beach jumping waves.

It was the loveliest day and a wonderful way to finish the winter school holidays. 
School's already been back a week but we've decided that it's time we started to get out more and do more family things.  We used to get out and about quite often but during the past year we've somehow let things slide. 
Even if hubby's away at work over the weekends, that's no excuse for me not to go somewhere with the kids.  We all really love it and it's creating wonderful memories at the same time.
xx Susan

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