Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The day AFTER your holidays

So many times in the past I've always been so sad to have my holidays over but that first day at home always feels so good. 
Even when there's washing to do and cleaning to be done, it's always nice to be home.
This time is different.
I really still wish we were away camping and think I could easily have spent another few days, even a week or more away.
As for my first full day home.  I spent over 9 hours of it away from the house and most of that I was driving.  (The trip to Chinchilla - and back - was good and uneventful.  It was just long.)
We won't go into my thoughts on that right now, needless to say that I've spent many moments in the car daydreaming about a campfire, camper trailer and kayaks and wishing that things could have been a little different.
Ah well... things weren't to be and I got to drive the men around while they took naps and I had to do all the driving.
The house is still a complete mess, the unpacking needs to be done, as well as most of the laundry. 
There's always the second day home AFTER the holidays to get it all done.
I think I'll still dream of the campfire though as I'm really missing that.
xx Susan

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