Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Home again

We're home from our week away. 
It was such a fantastic week that I really wasn't ready to return.  I would have loved to stay for another few days but hubby needed to get home.

We have left Little Miss R over there with Nan and Pop for a few extra days so she's excited about that.
I'll let you know more when I get organised a bit more and finish doing the piles of washing that I have.  So many clothes and sheets etc that are full of sand!
That will all have to wait another day though because we found out yesterday that we need to go to Chinchilla today to do something for my father-in-law.  It's only a 345km trip out there and then we'll have to drive back too.
It would be good if lovely hubby could go and I could stay home and finish unpacking the camper and washing but hubby doesn't have a licence at the moment (he speeds too much), so guess who has to do all the driving.
After driving from Warwick yesterday I need this like a hole in the head.  Those boys owe me I think!
Chat soon.
xx Susan

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