Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Night Out

Little Miss R's school had their Big Night Out on Friday night.
Rather than holding the annual school fete during the day on a weekend, they hold it from 3-9pm on a Friday night and I think it's a fantastic idea.
I had decided to stay there straight after school rather than go home and come back later.  It ended up being a good decision because there weren't as many people in those first couple of hours so getting on the rides was pretty easy.
There was the Jurassic jumping castle which was very popular with my two (as well as many other big kids who were pushing in line a lot by the end of the night.)
There was also a jumping castle for the little kids as well as a little merry go round.  There was no way my kids were going on the spinning thing that went up in the air.  Too scarey for them and as my girl gets motion sickness, it just wasn't an option.

The big slide was an option though and we lost count of the number of times the kids went down this.  It was definately their favourite.

Master M doesn't get motion sickness so he had a go on the chair ride while my girl continued to slide or jump or whatever else she was doing at the time.

You can't have a fete without fairy floss......

Once they'd spent a couple of hours on the rides, I decided it was time to walk through the school to see what else was happening around the place.
They got to catch some ducks and get a prize.

My girl also did well throwing the ball and got a great little prize for both her and her brother.  (He piked when it was his go and decided to throw a bit of a tantrum so his sister had his go for him.)

The toilet toss was a great novelty.  You got three balls to throw into a toilet and got a prize depending on how many you got in.

There were the usual stalls and food places too as well as face painting.  My girl wanted to be Spider Man and my boy had no interest in having his face painted.  He told the lady that.. "I like my face just the way it is!"
 We stopped and had some dinner before heading back out to the rides.  The sun had set, the place was lit up and it was time for more fun.

Then the night ended with a bang...literally.  They had fireworks and it was the first time my kids had actually seen fireworks.  To quote my 4 year old son...they were SUPER AWESOME!

After such a late night, the kids slept in the next day which was a relief.
Saturday was also Little Miss R's 7th birthday.  It was another very full day but lovely for my girl.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
xx Susan

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