Friday, May 4, 2012

This week I'm loving......

Sorting through my fabric and getting ideas to make some things.

I love this gorgeous piece of pinwale which will make a great little winter dress or skirt for Little Miss R.

The repetitiveness of making lots of bright, colourful squares with leftover yarn from other projects.  I'm getting about 4 or 5 squares from each leftover piece and have no idea what I'll end up making with them all yet.  I'll wait and see how many I end up with first I suppose.

Beautiful blue skies.  It seems we're having a week of rain one or two days, then blue sky for a day, then rain again.  I'm loving the rain but I do love to look up into the endless blue of the sky as well.


Getting started on Christmas presents.  (Sorry to shock you all).  I've decided to make them again this year and the first project was a bag for Niece H.  She'll love it and I've decided that if I can make something every one or two weeks then I won't be stressed at Christmas time.

That's the plan anyway.


Having hubby home for most of the week and being able to relax a bit (hence the crafty projects!)

I hope you've all been having a great week.

xx Susan

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bones said...

I love the fabric you made the bag out of.