Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beanies (or hats to some of you)

I've been having a go at making beanies lately. I've noticed that most people in the blogs I read call them hats but I've grown up calling them beanies so that's what they'll be referred to here.

Master M wanted one to match his scarf.   That means it had to be BLUE of course and luckily I still had enough leftover to make one. 

I searched my books and found a really basic one in treble crochet but I did change it up a little so it didn't look so boringly plain.  I wasn't going to embellish it with anything so I thought doing something as I was crocheting was the best option.

This kid LOVES it and let me tell you, the next photo is probably the best and least blurry that I was able to get.  He was so happy that he couldn't keep still and after about 30 photos, I gave up trying to get a good one.

Little Miss R wanted one then of course so we decided a rainbow one would be nice.  Unfortunately it was Saturday, Daddy was away and it was pouring rain.  That meant that I didn't get the chance to do ANYTHING until about 3.30pm.  How can kids be so hyperactive for so long!

We chose the yarn, the kidlettes got sent outside  (out of desperation on my part) to ride up and down the driveway on their scooters in the rain and I got to start on a therapeutic project.

This beanie whipped up really easily even with all the interruptions I had.  Once the kids were completely soaked from the rain and sick of being on the scooters then into the shower it was for them.  After that they were happy to sit reasonably quietly to watch a little tv for awhile which meant I got to finish the rainbow beanie!

Now I have to admit that I had intended to cook up a leftover pie with steamed veges (this usually gets eaten all up by the kids when I make it).  Because I was occupied with a project and was actually making some progress, the meal got changed to fish, nuggets and chips because all I had to do was turn the oven on and put the food in until it was cooked.  I could then keep crocheting while it cooked.

So dinner looked like this....especially as I completed the last round while it was getting cool enough for the kidlettes to eat it.

If you want me to be completely truthful, I got so caught up in the crochet that I didn't even clean the table off so the toys, colouring in etc from the day just got shoved aside.

I'm not always this bad truly but I'm sure you all have moments like this too.

xx Susan

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