Monday, 24 February 2020

Keeping busy

One thing I seem to be doing more of while we're still tweaking our new home schedule is craft.  Not just crochet but plenty of sewing as well and I'm really loving it.

I started to sort through my stash of fabric and decided to make more shopping bags as I really enjoy making them.  I also sold some of them just before Christmas as someone I had gifted some to wanted to purchase a few for Christmas gifts of their own.

So while Master M is doing some school work, I cut, pin, sew and press and keep myself occupied making bags.  While doing it I'm right on hand to help him and keep him on track too which is working out well.

The best thing is that I'm using up my stash and also selling some which is very gratifying.

As well as going through my fabric stash, I've been having a clean out of my yarn as well.  I've got a couple of scarves made in recent months which I don't think I've posted about yet so I'll have to go back a bit further in my photos to see if I can find some to show you.

Since it's been such a long hot and humid summer, working with wool hasn't really appealed so I've piled up all of my cotton and have been making dish and wash cloths.

The ones I use everyday were looking a little worse for wear so new ones have been much needed.  Very few of them are the same size since I'm using up all the tiny leftover bits that I'm never quite sure what to do with.

Even if I'm only making a half size one, I've been finding a great use for them and can whip one up in an hour, sometimes less if there's not much cotton.  They've also been a great small project when we're 'in school' too.

I admit that I did try my hand at amigurumi since I had so many small balls of cotton but I have to say that I really don't think I have the patience for it.  I love the end result but find all the bits and pieces that need joining together too fiddly so I'm not sure if I'll be doing much more of that in the future.

Enjoy your week!

xx Susan


Jules said...

Some great makes, Susan and a good way to keep busy while Master M is doing his school work.
I always use homemade dishcloths now, they last for ages. X

Kim She nee said...

Many Thanks for the shared this informative and interesting post with me.

Christina said...

Love your shoppers, they are cute and practical. They also look like they can hold a good amount of shopping. I hope you are settling into a nice routine soon. Have you tried English paper piecing? I find this particularly nice when watching over children working, it is portable and really good for using up scraps. Have a good week x

Let's Get Sewing said...

The tote bags adore lovely, really pretty fabrics.

Teresa Kasner said...

Good job on making so many shopping bags.. plastic ones have been banned here in Oregon so we're using all re-usable ones now. I also like your wash cloths. I need to make a few of them.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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Meg said...

I love the fabrics you've chosen for the bags you've made. I really should sew up a few extra bags here as I always find I need one or two extra than what I put in the trolley. It's lovely and important to have that time to do your own projects while your son is busy with his schoolwork. Meg:)