Monday, 30 April 2018

Aunty Rob's and plenty of dogs

We've had a bit happening around here lately.

My father-in-law went to hospital about a week and a half ago in Grafton (New South Wales) and ended up being flown up to one of the Gold Coast Hospitals.

He's had a pacemaker put in since then so there's been a bit of driving around the countryside to see him and get him settled and looked after.  Lovely hubby has had to take some time off work to do most of that for his father.

In the meantime, we've had ANZAC Day and Little Miss R marched with her school as she has done since she was in Prep.  This was her first year marching with the High School and she was proud to wear family members service medals again.  (This time my Uncle's medals).

It was also the most gorgeous of Autumn days for the march and the service which was really lovely for everyone.

On the weekend we took my father-in-law over to his sister's to help him recover from his operation.  

We haven't been to Aunty Rob's in more than a year and the kidlettes had been asking us for awhile when we could go over again.  This provided the perfect opportunity for us which made the kids ecstatic, especially as there's still 6 puppies over there which they were desperate to see.

There was the usual pigs and cows and plenty of chickens.

......and dogs.  Lots of dogs.  Augie's getting on a bit now and is finding all the extra dogs on the farm a bit much so he keeps hiding under the back stairs to get away from them all.

Aunty Rob has 4 dogs and then there's my father-in-laws 2 dogs which are having a holiday with him.

Don't forget the 6 puppies though...

...they were the biggest hit over the weekend.

If Little Miss R was missing, we knew exactly where to find her.

The puppies kept trying to eat her hair and then they kept trying to all get on her when she sat down with them.  She yelled at her brother to help her so he lifted her hair out of the way! 

She still had to deal with the puppies.

There was some helping out around the place too which was thoroughly enjoyed and a nice change from computers and xbox playing at home.

Another night away would have been lovely but school needs to be attended (although I'm sure the kids would be happy to have a day off).  Lets hope it won't be as long until our next trip over there.

In the meantime, I've come home armed with a really amazing Moussaka recipe and an incredible pumpkin pie recipe.  I'm happy.

xx Susan

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