Monday, 10 April 2017

A flood of crochet

Sorry.  That title is a really bad pun of what's been happening here in Queensland and northern New South Wales lately. 
It is sort of accurate though because after not doing much crochet for nearly a year (for various silly reasons), I've suddenly been a productive whizz.
 I can proudly say that I've finished the alpaca/silk shawl.  This project was planned when I bought the yarn for it at the same time as I bought the yarn for Master M's blanket.

The plum wool scarf was also completed and blocked and I really do love this one but there's no point me keeping it as I live in Queensland and it's sadly way too hot for me to wear.

It is really lovely though and the colour is beautiful. 

I have also finished and blocked the gorgeous Garden Trellis scarf with the Japanese Noro yarn I started not long ago. 
I really wasn't happy with this scarf when I first started but the more I worked on it, the more those gorgeous colours flowed into each other and created a beautiful piece.

Since I finished this one, I've already stared and nearly finished a beautifully earthy alpaca scarf which I desperately want to keep for myself but it would just swelter in it.
So I'm back to selling the things I'm making.  I really only crochet things I would love to wear and keep myself but because I live in the tropics, I just have to enjoy the making of them and hope that the people that buy my items love them as much as I do.
xx Susan

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