Sunday, September 27, 2015


We're halfway through the September school holidays here.

I feel like we haven't done much at all in the way of outings etc. 

The kidlettes have been playing way too much xbox and I'm quite happy with that on some days. 

I feel guilty that we're not doing much but I'm a homebody and sometimes I need to be FORCED to leave the house to do anything at all, that includes going down to get the milk. (I'm sure we have poddy calves in the house right now as the milk seems to be disappearing at rather a rapid rate.)

We have been baking.  Lots of yummy deliciousness in the form of ginger nuts (Master M's favourites), chocolate slice and lemon slice.  Jam drops may be next as I have a few jars I need to use up the dregs of and perhaps some cupcakes may be in order too.  Actually I think cupcakes will be a must in the second week of the school holidays as I haven't made them in my new oven yet. 

We've had Cousin R over for a sleepover which was very noisy.  Fun but noisy!

There's also been a visit to Australia Zoo.  I can't believe it's been about 5 years since we last went considering it's only 3 kilometres from our place. 

My sister and I used to meet at the zoo for a coffee once a week back then instead of going to a cafe.  It's a lovely place to go as there are so many gardens and trees and the kids loved seeing all the animals.

My sister was taking my nephews last Friday and catching up with some other friends at the zoo so the kidlettes and I decided that we would go too.  We've bought our annual passes again so we can head up after school sometimes or just anytime we get bored on the holidays or a weekend.

The Africa section is open now so we finally got to check the giraffes out (I've been harassed for years now for us to go see the giraffes).

Master M wasn't impressed with anything other than the crocodiles.  This is not surprising as he's been obsessed with crocodiles and getting a top jaw rope on his stuffed crocodile since he could walk. 

We didn't stay all day as children (and Mum) were getting a bit tired and grumpy.  From now on when we go we'll stick to what I used to do years ago.  We pick one or two things we want to see and head up there for just a couple of hours then the next time we pick something else.  It saves everyone getting tired and grumpy that way.

Somehow I think Master M is going to pick the crocodiles everytime we go so it might be up to me to add the variety each time.

We'll see what the second week of he holidays brings but at this stage there'll be more sleepovers and I'm sure another couple of trips to the zoo.

x Susan

Click here for one of our Zoo visits years ago.

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