Thursday, June 26, 2014

Winter is trying to get here

Wednesday continues to be our Knit and Natter day at Mary Cairncross Park in Maleny and both my sister and I have been desperately waiting for the cooler weather so that we can enjoy the fire at the cafe.

Well the cooler weather has arrived, even if it is only in the mornings on some days before it warms up, but at least we have been able to enjoy this....

Because it's an outdoor cafe and there's often a sneaky cold breeze it's nice to be able to cover yourself in you latest project of pure alpaca wool as you sit and chat.

This is the time of year when we can rug up in our creations made the previous years.

Our dear friend Jodi has been joining us recently.  She doesn't do any hooky or knitty type crafts but she makes up for it in the nattering.  She has been our friend and virtually part of our family for well over 30 years now and we love her!

Did I mention that it's cool enough that we can now enjoy the fire?  I know I did but I'll tell you again as it's sooooo lovely.

xx Susan

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bones said...

Looks lovely by the fire. It's finally started cooling down up here too yay!!