Friday, February 17, 2017

Boats and fishing

Sometime during January we purchased a second hand boat.
The boat is in excellent condition but the owner is elderly and hadn't used it that oftenso we decided not to use it until we could get the outboard serviced.  That means that not only do we have to organise for when the mechanic can do it but also when lovely hubby is home so things can take a little longer than we would like. 
As they say, patience is a virtue and I finally got to go for a run in our boat.
On Thursday we dropped the kids off at school, bought a freshly cooked hot chook from the local grocery shop on the way home and then we both got to work.  While hubby hooked up the boat and loaded the fishing gear, I made roast chicken wraps and rolls and a flask of coffee.  Then we headed out for some special 'us' and child free time.

Getting used to the boat and how she runs and sits in the water was one part of our day.
The other was throwing some lines in the water and hoping we could catch some dinner.
Hubby started the proceedings by catching a really lovely grunter.  I've heard about 'grunters' before and now that we've finally caught one I realise why they're called that.  They seriously do 'grunt' when you haul them in.  It was quite amazing actually.

Just being out on the water and having some time to ourselves was pretty amazing actually.  We enjoyed coffee and our picnic lunch and just being able to chat about anything.  Not that we really chatted a great deal. 
Anyone who knows lovely hubby knows that he is a man of few words.  I am the conversationalist in the family.  On this day however, I think hubby spoke more words than me.  I just enjoyed myself so much and loved that we were together so words seemed pretty wasteful at the time.

Enjoying the passage and our local water haunts, and spending time together was definitely the order of the day.

....and the fact that I out-fished hubby doesn't hurt either :)  Some nice bream and whiting decided to jump on my line so I was pretty chuffed with our day out. 
xx Susan

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Too hot for crochet

We've been having a few record high temperatures around here so you'll have to excuse me for not even trying to finish Master M's blanket.  Even in the bedroom with our little air conditioner working it's little heart out, it's just been way too hot to even contemplate making a blanket.
 Since our lounge room air conditioner is truly out for the count (just in time for record temperatures), we've been going the old fashioned route of trying to keep cool.
That means more time in our back yard late in the afternoon when we get a nice breeze and things start to cool down.  (Well it's not cool really, just a little less hot than it was an hour or so earlier.)

I've been trying a number of things to help side-track me and cool me down.  Blogs....finances....updating diaries......chilled wine......

Master M seemed to have the right idea and filled up soaker guns with water and blasted anything he could point it at.

Then we realised that the water from the soaker gun when squirted in a particular spot made for some pretty spectacular jewel like arcs in the sky.  The photo does not do justice to the actual effect.  Trust me, I tried so many times to get a good picture and Master M was happy to oblige because it was so much fun to shoot that water through the air!

...and on a slightly different note.  It was my dad's 78th birthday the other day so the kidlettes and I headed down to my parents house after school one afternoon for cake and noisy fun with their cousins.  Happy Birthday Dad.  Love you xxxxxxxx.

xx Susan