Friday, October 21, 2016


My sweet, sweet girl turned 11 this week.

I won't say that the time has flown or anything because really, some weeks feel like they've taken 11 years to get through to be honest.

So not only have I been making more tomato relish this week, I've also been baking cakes.

Yes that is cakes plural as we had to have one for home...

...and one for school.

There were croissants for breakfast which are always a favourite.

After school some family members and neighbours kids came to visit.  Little Miss R got an extra special gift from my Mum which you can see in the next photo.  No that's NOT a chicken nugget in her mouth.

It's actually a crumbed lamb's brain which Little Miss R absolutely loves.  Nana cooked some up especially for her only granddaughter for a birthday treat.  She's welcome to enjoy them all herself!!

Then it was time to light the candles and make a birthday wish.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl.

xx Mum

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CJ said...

Beautiful cakes, well done you. I hope she had a lovely day. My middle boy will be 11 in February. He's already looking forward to it! CJ xx