Friday, September 11, 2015

Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day and by some miracle hubby was actually home to celebrate on the day this year.  Usually we pick a day that he's home a week or so after the official day to celebrate as he's often working.

After pancakes for a late breakfast we got organised to go on a picnic.  The whole thought of going up the coast and dealing with the traffic and crowds that are a part of Father's Day there didn't appeal so we headed west.

Not too far, just a short half hour drive away to our favourite spot Stoney Creek. (You can see some of our previous visits here and here.)

(If the links don't work then just click on the picnics label on the side bar and scroll down to the story's on Stoney Creek).

The water at the swimming hole looked beautiful as usual with it's gorgeous blue/green colour.  It was freezing though and the kids were upset that we wouldn't let them go for a swim. 

We've promised them we'll come back on some of the hot days in summer that are looming on the horizon so they can swim to their hearts content.

So instead of swimming they had to make do with throwing rocks, exploring and racing stick boats down the small creek that trickles into the larger one.

We certainly bypassed the crowds out here as there were only 2 other family's at the small picnic ground when we arrived.

It really was lovely and quiet and I wished I had a book with me so I could laze around reading while the kids explored with Daddy.

Considering there was hardly anyone there, we decided to picnic on the grassy area near the swimming hole rather than at the designated picnic area.  We had the whole place to ourselves which was beyond wonderful. 

It was a really lovely family day which just happen to be some of our favourite kind of days.

xx Susan

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