Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Date Day

When Master M missed out on the twins birthday party a couple of weekends ago because he was sick, I promised him that we would do something special together.  Just Mummy and her boy having a special date day together.

He was so excited and so generous in the things he wanted to do.  He not only thought about what he wanted but expressly added in things that I like doing because he wanted me to be happy too.  Honestly ...how gorgeous and sweet is that!

First up we went to the shops as there was a couple of things I needed and Master M wanted to check out the Skylanders range.

We weren't at the shops all that long but we did stop for a coffee for me and Master M's first iced chocolate.  The verdict was that it was AWESOME and the best drink EVER!!!

Next we headed to Caloundra to go to the playground at Happy Valley with the Pirate Ship and the Castle.  Well it really is a wooden ship playground but Master M insists that it's a pirate ship.

He spent hours playing and making a new friend which was lovely.  I sat and watched him, had a lovely chat with the 'new friend's' grandma and enjoyed one of the last cool days of winter.  It really was gorgeous even if the breeze was a bit strong.

After some fish and chips for lunch we headed onto the beach for a play and a paddle.  It was too cold to go for a swim but it was fun to splash around and play in the pools around the rocks.

It was a really lovely day and Master M is already planning what he wants to do next Date Day with Daddy.  We'll swap kids next time and hubby will spend the day with Master M and I'll have a Date Day with Little Miss R. 

xx Susan

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


My cousin's twin girls have just turned one!

We left early Saturday morning to head over to their place near Toowoomba (about a 2 hour drive) to help them celebrate.

Unfortunately Master M was sick again and couldn't come.  He was VERY UPSET as he had really been looking forward to the party.  He was just too miserable to go though  so ended up staying home with Daddy who has also been quite sick and couldn't go back to work this week.

So we left the boys at home and had every intention of enjoying our day.

Little Miss R had a lovely time getting her face painted, meeting new friends...

...having cuddles of the birthday girls...

...and spending most of her time with the horses.

I caught up with family and friends and had a lovely day myself.

Cake time was hilarious.  Those girls made such a mess eating their birthday cake and they certainly ENJOYED it!

It was very sweet afterwards when they sat there holding hands too.

They are the cutest little girls.

Happy First Birthday A and Z!

x Susan