Sunday, August 11, 2013

The boat

We are now the proud owners of a boat. Well it's a tinnie which is all we need for going fishing down Coochin Creek or the Bribie Passage near home or for when we go camping at the dams as we seem to like doing.
We've had the boat for awhile but it's been down at my brother's place. The time had come for it to be moved though and as we don't have a boat trailer for it, we borrowed a car trailer and the operation began.
This morning the last stage of moving it began.  It's pretty heavy so once the boys got it off the trailer, they hooked it up to the quad bike to get it around the side of the house.
I was curious as to how they were going to get it around the garden.

I should've known that hubby takes the straightest path to where he's going. 
Garden's don't matter!

It does need fixing up a bit which hubby has informed me that he'll be working on whenever he's home.  I really hope so as I certainly don't want another hunk of junk sitting in our yard for the long term.

On the up side.  We now have a new play ground for the kidlettes.  Master M is especially excited because he's going through a pirate stage and EVERYTHING he does involves pirates somehow.
Now he has his very own pirate ship in the back yard.  At least I know where the kids will be most afternoons after school and on weekends now.
He even had a anchor made within 5 minutes of the boat being put in place.

Hubby's back to work in an hour or so which means I'm hoping that the pirate love will continue for the rest of the day and the kids stay happy.
xx Susan

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