Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fun family times

We have been going out for a few more picnics recently.  We've certainly needed to have the family time and it's also been great to have a break from an extremely stressful extended family situation right now.
One Sunday I packed up a picnic and off we went up to Amamoor State Forest near Gympie to check out the campsites there.  Maintenance was happening at one campsite so we couldn't get in too check it out which was a pity as I think it would have been the nicer spot of the two sites.
The other camp site is where the Gympie Music Muster is held every year and I will admit that the area didn't hold much appeal to me at all so I don't think we'll be camping there any time soon.
We did do plenty of driving through the forestry area and I've finally realised just what my hubby loves on these kind of days.  Driving around dirt roads and basically...just exploring by driving. 

Instead of the lovely picnic spot with a creek or something to explore like I had envisioned, we ended up at the top of a hill near a phone tower for our picnic.
It was still enjoyable.

After a couple of hours of driving around and exploring the area, we finally got back to the day use area at Amamoor and explored the main creek a little bit.  Then before hubby could get back in the car, the kids and I made a bee-line for one of the walking tracks and hubby had no choice but to follow us.

 It was beautiful walking along and crossing the creek.  I love these pockets of rainforest that we have close to home.

There was plenty of interesting funghi...

....and moss to look at.

We made our way up to the waterfall before turning around and heading back to the car.

I loved the roots on this tree near the waterfall.  Not only the fact that they looked great but the red in them was wonderful.

When hubby's been back at work on weekends we've either had outings with just the kids and myself or my Uncle has taken us on picnics too.  He loves picnics and exploring as well as spending time with us all so we've all been finding these days wonderful.
Hopefully there'll be plenty more in the near future too.
xx Susan

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