Sunday, August 11, 2013

The boat

We are now the proud owners of a boat. Well it's a tinnie which is all we need for going fishing down Coochin Creek or the Bribie Passage near home or for when we go camping at the dams as we seem to like doing.
We've had the boat for awhile but it's been down at my brother's place. The time had come for it to be moved though and as we don't have a boat trailer for it, we borrowed a car trailer and the operation began.
This morning the last stage of moving it began.  It's pretty heavy so once the boys got it off the trailer, they hooked it up to the quad bike to get it around the side of the house.
I was curious as to how they were going to get it around the garden.

I should've known that hubby takes the straightest path to where he's going. 
Garden's don't matter!

It does need fixing up a bit which hubby has informed me that he'll be working on whenever he's home.  I really hope so as I certainly don't want another hunk of junk sitting in our yard for the long term.

On the up side.  We now have a new play ground for the kidlettes.  Master M is especially excited because he's going through a pirate stage and EVERYTHING he does involves pirates somehow.
Now he has his very own pirate ship in the back yard.  At least I know where the kids will be most afternoons after school and on weekends now.
He even had a anchor made within 5 minutes of the boat being put in place.

Hubby's back to work in an hour or so which means I'm hoping that the pirate love will continue for the rest of the day and the kids stay happy.
xx Susan

Thursday, August 8, 2013

An afternoon walk

My sister called Sunday afternoon to see if we would like to go for a walk with her, her husband and the two dogs. It was such a beautiful winter's day that there was no way we were staying at home.
We headed up to Ewan Maddock Dam which is about 10 minutes from our house and to a part of the dam I had never been to before. 
I've been to other parts of the dam but not this spot and was amazed that I've lived in this area all my life and am still finding these pockets of loveliness around the place.
The first part of the walk is along a causeway with the dam on one side and a weed choked part of the dam on the other.  There were plenty of rocks of course so Master M got to indulge in his favourite pastime of throwing rocks in the water.
Once over the causeway you head up into the bush and can take a few different trails.  One of them is a riding trail and the kids got to use their tracking skills to find the horse prints.
One of the tracks takes you by the edge of the dam and to a special spot.

There was a beautiful little area where the dogs could swim (and the kids in summer). 

There was a shady, open area near it where I've decided we could bring an afternoon picnic once school is finished some days.

Master M spent most of his time at this spot throwing a chunk of wood in the water for the dogs to fetch.

Dogs and child loved this game.

Meanwhile Little Miss R had my small camera and wandered around taking photos.

We continued on down some other tracks, past more pretty spots and little beaches.

Then it was back along the causeway to the car with everyone really relaxed after having a wonderful walk.

The plan is to bring Patch up here now but I'll wait until hubby comes home before I do it the first time.  Once he gets used to it then the kids, dog and I can definitely come up after school some days for a nice walk.
xx Susan

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Leek and Mushroom Pies

In the frozen meal section of the local woollies they have Linda McCartney meals.  I don't usually buy frozen meals but my sister got me onto these as they are really, really yummy and great for lunch with a salad.
The leek, red onion and cheese plaits are so tasty and I decided I could make something similar myself which would work out much cheaper.
I had leeks and mushrooms in the fridge so this is what I came up with.
chop up 1 leek and about 9 or 10 button mushrooms.
I also used 2 shortcut rashes of bacon cause they were in the fridge and needed using.  If you wanted a vegetarian option then leave the bacon out.
On a medium heat I cooked the bacon and mushrooms for a few minutes then turned the heat down and added the leeks and 2 cloves of crushed garlic.
I let this mixture cook over the low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Then I made a cheesy white sauce.  Everyone has their own white sauce recipe I'm sure so just make up about 2 cups of it and add about 3/4 cup of grated cheese in at the end.  I used cheddar and parmesan.
One tablespoon of butter to two tablespoons of plain flour per cup of milk made the sauce a nice thickness.
Then mix the leek and mushroom mixture through the white sauce and place a really good heaped tablespoon full onto the pastry.

I just used sheets of frozen puff pastry which I cut into quarters.  I place the mixture in the middle of one of the squares, brushed the outside with water and placed another square of pastry on top.
I then sealed up the edges and cooked them in a 200 celcius oven for about 25 minutes.
I made 12 pies and have frozen most of them so I have a quick meal on a night when I want something easy.  They are really yummy!
I've also thought about putting the filling in crepes or a baked potato if I wanted to do something different.  I made them into pies because I wanted to have some homemade meals in the freezer for easy dinners.
If you make something similar, enjoy! 
xx Susan

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fun family times

We have been going out for a few more picnics recently.  We've certainly needed to have the family time and it's also been great to have a break from an extremely stressful extended family situation right now.
One Sunday I packed up a picnic and off we went up to Amamoor State Forest near Gympie to check out the campsites there.  Maintenance was happening at one campsite so we couldn't get in too check it out which was a pity as I think it would have been the nicer spot of the two sites.
The other camp site is where the Gympie Music Muster is held every year and I will admit that the area didn't hold much appeal to me at all so I don't think we'll be camping there any time soon.
We did do plenty of driving through the forestry area and I've finally realised just what my hubby loves on these kind of days.  Driving around dirt roads and basically...just exploring by driving. 

Instead of the lovely picnic spot with a creek or something to explore like I had envisioned, we ended up at the top of a hill near a phone tower for our picnic.
It was still enjoyable.

After a couple of hours of driving around and exploring the area, we finally got back to the day use area at Amamoor and explored the main creek a little bit.  Then before hubby could get back in the car, the kids and I made a bee-line for one of the walking tracks and hubby had no choice but to follow us.

 It was beautiful walking along and crossing the creek.  I love these pockets of rainforest that we have close to home.

There was plenty of interesting funghi...

....and moss to look at.

We made our way up to the waterfall before turning around and heading back to the car.

I loved the roots on this tree near the waterfall.  Not only the fact that they looked great but the red in them was wonderful.

When hubby's been back at work on weekends we've either had outings with just the kids and myself or my Uncle has taken us on picnics too.  He loves picnics and exploring as well as spending time with us all so we've all been finding these days wonderful.
Hopefully there'll be plenty more in the near future too.
xx Susan