Saturday, April 27, 2013

Anzac Knitting

Anzac Day was a few days ago (April 25th) and my kids participated in our local Anzac Day march as representatives of their school.

This year my uncle brought over my Grandfather's medals so that the kids could wear them and they were so proud to be able to wear these special medals. 

Their Poppy is very proud that they marched and wanted to wear his father's medals as well.
Luckily it was another beautiful day this year so the turnout was pretty huge.  The members of the RSL have been a bit shocked but very pleased that thousands are turning up to our local parade and that majority of those attending are the local school children.

As for the knitting part of the title...I'm not knitting anything for our troops.  It's just that I started my first ever knitting project on Anzac day this year.
I've been crocheting for years but knitting always seemed a bit beyond me.  I tried it last year but kept making mistakes and didn't know how to fix them.

Thanks to some pretty awesome knitting tutorials on You Tube, I can proudly say that I've nearly finished my first knitting project.  Yes I've still been making plenty of mistakes but at least I know how to fix them now without throwing a tantrum my kids would be proud of.
I'll show you the finished product soon.
xx Susan

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