Tuesday, January 3, 2017

This is so much fun Mum!

As usual we did a quick trip to the zoo yesterday afternoon.  It was pretty hot and about 3pm I told the kids to grab their togs (swimmers) and towels and off we went.
Swimming at the zoo is not a usual thing, mainly because the only water areas are filled with crocodiles and that's certainly not tempting to dip your toe in the water no matter how hot it is.
This January though they have a big waterslide so we popped up there to cool off for an hour or so.
It was so much bigger than I had expected with 3 slides to choose from.

The kids didn't have the jitters at all at being high up.  They just sat down and off they went.

It was a pretty quick trip to the bottom where they slid along with a splash.

Master M wasn't to be outdone either.

He wasn't too impressed at getting water in his eyes and up his nose but it didn't stop him from going on it again..and again...and again...and again........

It was a pretty steep climb up the back of it where they had to wait patiently in line until they were allowed up 2 at a time to stop it getting congested at the top.

The zebra's, giraffes and rhino's didn't seem too impressed with their new neighbour.  Perhaps they thought it was some new exhibit with the humans on display!

I can see us having plenty of fun with this over the next few weeks.
xx Susan

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