Monday, December 5, 2016

Warm weekend

Hubby was home for the WHOLE weekend.  What a treat that was!  Not that we seemed to do anything exciting in the way of outings or anything.  No... not.. at.. all.  We are a homebody family, especially when it is a tad warm outside.
We've had a few storms of late but not much rain.  As a result it's pretty dry here and we're really looking forward to a day or two of good soaking rain.  Until then we'll enjoy the storm build ups, the lightning and thunder and the rainbows.
For some reason we live in an area where a lot of the storms seem to 'split'. 
When you are a storm lover like myself we do still get plenty to keep us happy.  This season though, most of them seem to go to the south through Brisbane, or the north through the Sunshine Coast and Gympie.  The Glasshouse Mountains area (my neck of the woods), gets the top or bottom of the storms.  That means that we get the build up and all the flash but about 6 spots of rain.
Ah well, at least we don't really get the damage then do we?  There's always an upside.
So my Saturday morning started pretty early.  About 3.30am in fact when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep.  Rather than disturbing lovely hubby who had only arrived home late the previous day, I decided to head out to the lounge to toss and turn to my hearts content and leave him to snatch a few extra good hours.
Unfortunately I ended up having two restless children up at different times and I wasn't even able to snatch a few more minutes like I had hoped.  Once Master M was truly up (around 5am), I knew that the day had well and truly started.  Master M has ALWAYS been an early riser so I left him to the xbox with promises of keeping the volume down low, and snuck back in to bed.
Not that I slept.  Lovely hubby ended up waking up too and made me a cup of tea which is one of my life's true indulgences.  The indulgence is not just having a cup of tea.  It's someone else MAKING me a cup of tea and me being able to finish a cup while it's still warm.  That is a true indulgence in my book because it's so rare.
Since everyone (except Little Miss R) was awake, I decided to finish my snowflake garland.  The snowflakes had been finished and blocked for weeks.  I just hadn't hooked them together which I knew wouldn't take much time at all, I just hadn't set any  time aside at this stage to do it.
In a remarkably short time it was done.  Both garlands were done as a matter of fact as I made a small one for Little Miss R as she wanted one for her bedroom.

Once the whole house was awake and breakfast was had, we started to decorate for Christmas.  My first priority was to hang my snowflake garland up.  I'm so happy with it.  Even though it's white and sort of blends in with the walls and the rest of the house, it still looks lovely.   (I did add tinsel and other colour to the walls and hallways behind a bit later on, just to make things a bit more festive and brighter.)

There was a well deserved break mid-morning to down a coffee and a fruit mince tart because it is the season......

I had another brief moment to admire my snowflake handywork before the kidlettes and I got straight back into the decorating.

Now I could show you the pretty bits and the all so happy holiday moments but I'll give you the realistic view of the moment after the tree was finished...

There are two children under the blankets on the above lounge.  It was bloody hot and humid outside so we had the airconditioners on and they were content to snuggle up and not clean any of the mess  up.
I can't say I made it spotless either but we did get it tidied up a bit so that no one would get injured if they walked through the lounge.
Then of course we got to enjoy our handy work when we had another evening storm and the power went out for a short while.  Our new battery lights worked a treat in lighting the place up and created a magical little world for awhile.

I won't say that the power came back on all too soon because I was in the middle of cooking dinner and really NEEDED it at the time.  For a brief moment the magic of the fairly lights were a wonder though.

 Sunday started a little differently. I'd been up since 12.30am watching the Rugby Union and then struggled to go back to sleep.  I did snatch a few minutes before Master M was awake just after 5am. 
No happy xbox playing this early though.  It was a case of "Mummy I feel a little sick"  and me then having to clean up the trail of vomit that he left throughout the whole house.  It was closer to 6am when it was cleaned up and a load of washing on. 
Lovely hubby blissfully slept through it all of course.  :)
xx Susan

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