Friday, September 18, 2015

All things snakey.....

My walks this week have taken on a new level of vigilance.

On Monday I nearly stepped on this little fella below.

It was only about 20cm long but even baby snakes can pump out lethal venom so I made sure the dog and I got well away pretty quickly.

Then on Wednesday we were wandering along happily again when I spied a glistening stick in the grass and quickly called Patch back to my side.  Thank goodness he obeyed me as I really didn't want to have to rush to the vets if he got bitten. 

Can you see the snakes in the picture below (there are two).

I'll zoom in a bit for you.  There's one crossing the track and one in the grass about to follow the bigger one.

The first snake was about 3 foot and the second was skinnier and smaller so they really weren't very big.

I'm not 100% sure what they are but I'm thinking Eastern Brown snakes as they're fairly common around here. 

Considering they're the world's 2nd most deadliest snake I was amazed at how calm I was. 

We waited for about 5 minutes until they had crossed the track and gone into the bush before we continued on our walk.

After that I kept an extra sharp lookout and was relieved when we got back to the car.  You would not believe how many sticks lay on the edge of the track!!

xx Susan


Sandy said...

Might be time to walk somewhere else for a few weeks until the all the snake movement calms down a bit. Don't want either of you to be bitten. The snake catchers have been really busy over the past few weeks. My neighbour across the road had one come throught her airconditioning unit.

daydream in colour said...

I know! I didn't go on Thursday or Friday even though I got very disgusted looks from the dog. Now it's school holidays I'm trying to work out where to go that's a bit safer as I'll have the kids too. Somehow I don't think they'll listen to me as well as the dog did.

driftwood said...

eeek, I think if we had poisonous snakes here I would never ever ever go outside........