Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The weeks zooming by...

I have to take my new phone into be repaired as there have been issues with it since day 1. While backing it up and uploading photos I realised that it's been awhile since I've blogged and even though I haven't been super busy, life has been trundling along all the same.

Wednesdays mornings are still taken up with knit and natter at Mary Cairncross.  We're in for the long haul there and won't be going back to our houses for our get together's in any known future.  As my sister Sandra said, when it was at her place she'd still look around and think about the floor that needed sweeping or other things she needed to do.

Bugger the housework!  It's coffee, good food and extremely wonderful company.  

There have also been some rainy days with torrential rain all through the night then all day again.  The mountains couldn't be seen either and we thought we'd be washed back down the hill on our drive home.  It was LOVELY!

Of course crafty stuff is still being done amid the eating, drinking and talking.  

I have been a bit lax in the circle area of things and am a bit behind but I think they're looking pretty good.

We're trying to get into the habit of meeting my sister and nephews after school on a Wednesday at one of the local parks.  It's a great chance for the kids to get together on a regular basis these days for an hour before going home to do the dreaded homework.

We're really lucking that within about a 10 minute drive we've got a few amazing parks and playgrounds so we've got plenty to choose from and a variety of very different playgrounds.

Skippy Park is not for the toddlers as the equipment is geared towards older kids, not to mention the 1.1km bike track that goes around it as well.

There's climbing webs, flying foxes, tree trunks, a couple of swings and things for the littlies and other more tactile areas like hills and gardens and things for the kids to run through.

They are all desperate for the new slide section to be finished...

Hubby and I are continuing doing things together when he's home mid-week and the kids are at school. 

 There was the usual standard shopping for things we needed, exciting things like dog food and bulk toilet paper etc.

Hubby did take me out for a late breakfast though which was nice and then on the way home we toured around and explored some areas we haven't been to before (all within half an hour of our home).

School holidays have also started so our days are currently filled with LOTS of jumping on the trampoline, a little movie watching, painting masterpieces and helping Mummy in the garden (more of that in another post).

It's also been ridiculously hot and really humid lately.  Winter is officially only 6 or 7 weeks away but we're having very summery weather.  Relief did come though..

On Sunday I had lunch at the local pub with the girls.  Most of them I had never met before or hadn't seen in 20 or more years.  They were the girls from my sister's primary school class (plus a few extras) and decided that they wanted to start to get together semi-regularly so Sunday was the first lunch.

It was a wonderful day and we're all looking forward to the next get together.  Luckily for me my parents live just around the corner from the pub and since hubby was away I needed someone to look after them for a few hours.

The above photo of the storm building up was taken from their house when  I picked up the kids. 
I LOVE storms and this one was great, especially as it was probably the last one for the season.

Eating out, catching up with good friends and family, a little crafty stuff, fun times with kids, special time with my honey and a storm to top it off.  It's been a pretty good few weeks.

I even had a train trip to Brisbane in all that which was a complete novelty for me.  We won't go into that right now because I was there to support my brother again with the latest of his court cases.  Lets all be thankful that he still has the boys.

xx Susan

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