Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More rain..

Yes the rain is still about. Gympie (about an hour's drive north of us) is completely cut off again and if it stays like that for another day then hubby won't be able to get home from work.  Actually there's plenty of roads between here and Blackwater that are cut off so here's hoping the creeks go down so he can get home.
While the kidlettes are at school I've been getting a little bit more of the house in order, not much though.  I've found that I'm very easily sidetracked and more so when I'm supposed to be doing housework.
On a bright note, my blanket is all joined together and I'm just working on the border so NEARLY THERE!!!!!  Woohoo!
Rainy days are just right for soup.  I've been eating plenty of it lately from either out of a can or homemade.
Yesterday I made the yummiest chicken and vege soup with some potatoes, carrots, zucchini, garlic, onion, red lentils, chicken stock and of course some left over roast chicken.  There wasn't much left so I picked the carcass clean and bunged it in the pot with the veges and it is certainly DELICIOUS. 
Just perfect for a cooler, rainy day.  Plus I also have plenty left over for today and have frozen some too.  Bonus.

Of course on rainy days it just happens to completely bucket down when you have to pick the kids up from school.  Even with umbrellas we got pretty wet so once we got home and dry, I decided to make some pikelets for afternoon tea.

I remember my Mum used to make pikelets for us on rainy days after school.  The kids decided they want it every day but that certainly won't be happening!

Unfortunately I started to get a bit of a sore throat and leaky nose during the day so all I wanted was a good night's sleep to hopefully stop the dreaded lurgy getting to me.
Did that happen? 
The bloody dog whinged and cried all night keeping me awake and then my girl spent half the night being sick. 
She's home from school today so I think we both might crash in the lounge in front of the box and a few good movies.  We might watch girly movies that we don't get to watch when Master M and Daddy are here so I can see The Secret Garden and The Inn of the Sixth Happiness on the horizon.
Yes, my girl absolutely loves The Inn of the Sixth Happiness with Ingrid Bergman which is wonderful because it's one of my all time favourite movies.
Hope you are all having a great week, I'm going to consult the boss about what to watch then make a little nest for myself.
Chicken soup for lunch anyone?
xx Susan

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