Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My December

December was quite a full month and after the rest of the year speeding by, December felt like it took FOREVER. (To me anyway).
After years of the kidlettes asking and pleading for a dog, we finally got one.  Welcome to the family Patch.

Chaos and Destruction:

...and not just from Master M this time. 
The neighbours felled a tree on my fence and gate and Master M somehow snapped the clothes line.

December means decorating the tree, not only at home but at Aunty Sandy's for Tree Day.  In fact they weren't that interested in decorating our tree at home because that was the day we got Patch so they had more fun things to do.

The annual drive around the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights is always fun.
We also had dinner with Grandma down the beach for an early Christmas as she was heading to Cairns for the festive season.


December was a very busy month with lots of Christmas presents and decorations being made.
Bags, Ouchie packs, elf shoes and picnic blankets were made with much love, pleasure and fun.

It was also a month of special celebrations for us.  Not only Christmas of course but early in the month it was lovely hubby's 40th birthday.
It's been a very busy month and a lovely year with all its ups and downs.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013.
xx Susan

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