Thursday, December 20, 2012

Evenings out

We're not really a family who goes out at night much.  There aren't a lot of places to go at night around here which doesn't require a bit of a drive so we usually snuggle up at home once the sun goes down.
This last week however we've found ourselves out on a couple of occasions.
The first was the annual Christmas light drive where we go around our town and the neighbouring towns within a 10-20 km radius to check out the sparkles.
Sorry about the quality of the photo but I didn't take my camera and only thought about taking photos on my phone when we got to one of the last houses we saw on the night.
The kids were excited at the beginning.  There was lots of ho, ho, ho-ing and Merry Christmas yelled out the car windows at nearly everyone they saw.
We also headed down to Caloundra yesterday evening to meet up with Grandma as we won't see her over Christmas.  She's heading up to Cairns to be with hubby's brother and his family so we had a casual beach dinner with her last night.
It was the most gorgeous evening.
It's so lovely having family time like this.
I hope you're all having a fantastic week.
xx Susan

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