Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's the little things

It's waking up way too early in the morning (4am) and not being able to go back to sleep. Instead of getting frustrated, I spent some quiet time on the lounge with a cup of tea, my journal and a slowly waking world.

 It's having your daughter get out of bed at a reasonable time, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, and get dressed for school....all without one single complaint, tantrum or screaming fit. 
It's then having your son say to you after you've just dropped your girl off at school ..."I love my sister". 
It's buying a new sewing book.....
....which is full of lots of small (and some not so small) projects that would be perfect to whip up for Christmas gifts.

It's knowing that in this age of movies galore for kids, they still want to watch the classics.

...and while they're having some quiet time watching the classics, I get to spend some quiet time of my own with a coffee and my computer to catch up on some blogging.
It's reading about the everyday lives of people around the world and realising that no matter where we live, there are so many similarities in all our lives.

It's spending some time with my new yarn and my crochet hook making colourful squares.

Yes, the little things in our lives certainly do make us happy and even though I've been frustrated, upset and many other emotions lately, I have realised that I do have a lot to be thankful for.
I'm especially thankful that I finally got my hair done for the first time in 18 months!

xx Susan

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bones said...

You look lovely Susie. How awesome is that sewing book - I love the teepee. I've been dragging out my favourite old movies for the girls. Sam's been watching Anne of Green Gables and loving it (much to Daddy's disgust). Can't wait till she's old enough for Pride and Prejudice - my all time favourite movie.