Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Around camp

It's a couple of week's since we got home from holidays and I think I'm finally sorted with the washing and re-packing of our camping gear. I'm sure hubby really doesn't realise exactly how much goes into packing etc when camping with a family. He's used to throwing his swag, some beer and a couple of steaks in when he goes somewhere and since we've gone somewhere as a family, he's been away working and I've had to deal with the packing.
Anyway........ as I said, it's been a couple of weeks since we got home and I'm really missing it.  I love my home but there's something about camping that I just love and can really relax.
This trip away I got to use my camp kitchen that my father-in-law gave us
last Christmas.  We haven't used it yet as we didn't really need it for the smaller trips away.
I LOVED IT!  I had the washing up bowl set up permanently (in the hope that someone else would do it I think but we know that NEVER happens).
I also had our two water bottles on the bottom middle shelf so it was easy for the kids to pour their own drink.  Our other folding table which I find essential when we're away ended up over at Mum and Dad's camp near the fire.  I missed it in our camp but as we were over near the fire most of the time then it really was better to leave it there.  We only had to walk about 10 metres from our camp to their's anyway so it wasn't a problem.
Dad's filleting table always gets packed into their van when they go away.  It's certainly another brilliant use for old ironing boards and when you walk around the camp ground you realise just how popular the old ironing board is as a filleting table.  It's a great size, can be adjusted, is easily cleaned and folds flat.  Perfect for camping!

The photo below is of our camp with my washing strung up a bit like bunting.  I do have a folding washing line which my parents gave us for Christmas a few years ago but a few days it was a bit too windy to have it up so the tent ropes worked perfectly.

The fish was just so beautiful too.  There's nothing better than fresh fish, caught that day, then cooked on the campfire.  DELICIOUS!

Did I mention the campfires? 
Oh how I miss them.  I'm trying to work out how we can build something in our small backyard so we can get a fire going out there without the neighbours calling the fire brigade.  If all else fails we'll just head down to my brother's place as he has a bonfire at his place pretty well every weekend.  The mozzie's are a killer there though as he has heaps of mangroves and the Bribie passage virtually at the back of his property.

The next photo I've put in because I just love it.  Lovely hubby getting harassed, tackled and tickled etc by Master M (right) and Nephew R (left).  There was LOTS of giggling!

I have no idea when or where our next camping trip will be.  We were originally supposed to go to St Lawrence for this last trip but ended up out near Warwick with family instead.
Maybe next trip we'll be up at St Lawrence catching some Barramundi with Rob.  Considering I hate the heat, we're heading into summer and it's cyclone season in North Queensland soon, then I'm not sure of our chances.

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