Sunday, September 2, 2012

A secret picnic spot....don't tell anyone!

It's Father's Day here in Australia today but Daddy's back at work this weekend so a phone call had to suffice for him.
That doesn't mean that the kidlettes and I should miss out on having a lovely picnic together, and as it was such a gorgeous day, there was no way we were staying at home!
I decided to go somewhere the kidlettes hadn't been before, in fact I'd only been there a couple of times and it's so lovely that I knew they would enjoy it.
It's about half an hours drive from our place and off the main road between Woodford and Kilcoy.  There are no signs saying that there's this beautiful picnic area from the main road and as it's in the middle of a rural area, most people wouldn't know it's even there.  Word of mouth is the key and that's how I found the Stoney Creek picnic area years ago.
The last few kilometres are dirt but it's a good road so you don't need a 4x4.
Then you park your car in the small parking area and walk down the easy path.....

to this......

This is the swimming hole where two creeks meet and it's absolutely FREEZING!  It's cold even in summer but many locals find it refreshing as it's usually pretty busy then.
Today there weren't too many people there.

The next photo is the point where the two creeks meet.

The picnic area is quite small with only three tables and two wood barbeques (you have to bring your own wood).

If you don't want to take a dip in the swimming hole, then there's always the creeks to explore.  Stoney Creek is a very apt name.  It's all rocks so the kids spent hours throwing rocks into the various pools.

I sat on a rock and watched my kids explore the water, the bush and the huge rock in the middle of the stream further up.

It reminded me so much of picnics that my parents used to take my brother, sister and myself on when we were kids.  We loved going on picnics and have such great memories of those days which is why I love going on them with my kids.

After the time spent exploring, lifting and throwing rocks, it's definately time for a feast.
Then exploring further downstream... yet another pool which would be great to paddle in and cool down on a hot summer's day. 
We just threw more rocks in today though.

The next photo is looking back towards the swimming hole.

After nearly four hours of rock throwing, picnicking and exploring (I couldn't believe the time went so fast!), we headed home.
As the kids were so good, I decided to call into the local fruit shop on the way home.  They also have fantastic ice cream there so we indulged a bit before heading home.

Do you like our secret spot?
Daddy's never been there before so we've decided that since he's home next weekend, we'll take him home for our own Father's Day.
I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend too.
xx Susan

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