Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sometimes I'm amazed at what I've achieved

A few short years ago, I had no idea how to crochet or even had any inclination to try it or any other thing a little crafty.

How our lives can change in such a short time really.  Things we used to do to fill our time now have no place or even meaning in our life anymore. 

For me, this time with hook and yarn has been a revelation and such a joyous journey.

I've loved looking at yarn and thinking of all the possibilities that the small piece of thread can create.  Just changing a stitch, or a colour can alter the work dramatically in some cases and seeing a finished product always makes me feel amazed and proud of just what I'm now doing.

This whole contemplation of yarn began this morning when I went to put some clothes away in the kidlettes room.  There on Little Miss R's bed was a blanket I had made, as well as her school scarf and beanie... all of which I made too.


I then wandered through the house and saw with new eyes my WELCOME  bunting.

I also have a little motif bunting which I see every time I walk out of my bedroom door but have got so used to it that I don't really SEE it anymore.  Shame!  It's lovely although I think I need to block it again and give it a good squirt with something starchy to make it not fold in on itself.

In the lounge room I found another couple of blankets, folded on the shelf and waiting to keep my family warm on cold nights or mornings when we snuggle up on the lounge.

Then I thought about all the other scarves, beanies and of course blankets that I have made over the past couple of years too.  Seven blankets given away to nieces and nephews last year kept me busy for many months.

I'm proud of just what I've achieved over the last few years and I'm still loving this craft so much that I can see it will continue to be a lifelong love.  My Grandmother's would both be proud of me I know.

I just now need to keep Master M away from my crochet basket so he doesn't unravel any more rows of the current scarf I'm making.  Not a happy Mummy!

xx Susan

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bones said...

I feel the same about fabric Susie. It's so cool taking something plain and sewing it up into something amazing.