Monday, July 16, 2012

Lets do some menu planning

It's taken me awhile but I've been inspired by my sister to do my menu planning a little differently.   I usually write it up on some A4 paper and then put it up somewhere in the kitchen so I can see it.

My sister inspired me to do the following though.  She printed out cute little cards which she then wrote different meals on and then could just stick them up on whichever day she wants to make that meal on.

I've cleaned off part of my fridge and used a whiteboard marker to rule it up.  Then I just wrote a heap of different meals out on coloured paper which  I then blue-tacked to the fridge.

I've done up a plan for two weeks at a time as that's what I find works best for me and I stick to it about 90% of the time and only change a couple of things around.  I decided to do only main meals at this stage as well as what I wish to bake for the week.

Drawing it up in white board marker means that I can put it on the fridge so I get to see it a lot during the day but I can also change the dates.  For me this is an important requirement as I need to know what date it is so I can mark on it if it's a day when hubby's home or away.

I really love cooking and I don't mind if it takes me a little longer than usual to make a meal.  I'll only do this when hubby's home to look after the kidlettes though as when he's not there it needs to be quick and easy meals otherwise my stress levels go through the roof.

I've colour co-ordinated types of food too.  Meat dishes on bright yellow,  seafood meals in purple, vegetarian dishes or soups in light green and chicken and pork dishes in bright green.

I've gone through my most used recipe books and written up meals, as well as favourites for the kids like bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potato).  I was given the below little fridge magnet years ago from my sister and I think it's fitting that it's not only from the person that inspired me to do this but that it also has room in the top of the bucket.

That means I can put lots of other little cards with meals written on them in it.  When I want to do my menu plan for the next couple of weeks  all I have to do is got through pantry, freezer and colour coded meals to work out just what I need to get at the grocery shop.  It certainly helps me stick to my $80 budget.

In the meantime, I have been getting a bit more crochet done.  Not a lot mind you but I should have something nice to show you a sneak peek of soon.

xx Susan

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bones said...

this is such a great idea Susie. Love it.