Saturday, July 14, 2012

An expensive, (but enjoyable) afternoon out

It was the last Friday of the school holidays, still raining and hubby's last full day before he goes back to work.

Considering with the amount of rain around we really haven't done much with the kids, hubby suggested we take them to the movies.

We have a few options withing 20 to 30 minutes of us so we decided to head up to Sunshine Plaza shopping centre (or Mall to my American friends) where there are plenty of shops as well as cinemas.

We had a few other things we needed to do so we got there a bit earlier and let the kids have a look around as well.  They were so fascinated that a creek actually ran through the middle of the shopping centre.

The above photo is looking one way with cafe's and restaurants to the left and the cinemas are over the bridge in the distance to the right.

The below photo is looking from one side of the centre over towards the Brasserie (or Food Court to most of us).

The fountain really got the kids excited.

And of course the bridge that we had to walk across a number of times.  Trust me, it does look a lot better when not dull and raining.

The object of our outing was to go to the movies though.  It was our first family outing ever to the movies so we decided to go and see Brave.

I didn't realise until I was buying the tickets that it was actually a 3D showing of Brave and I didn't know how everyone would go with that.  I shouldn't have worried, it went well as the kids thought they were so cool.

What wasn't cool was the price.  Tickets for 2 adults, 2 children and 2 boxes of popcorn got us only a few coins in change out of $100!

I was in such shock about the price, especially as that one outing has cost us more than my groceries do each week. (Yes, I'm still doing the grocery challenge).

We all loved the movie though even if there were a few scarey bits and we had kids sitting on laps for cuddles.  Master M kept kneeling on the floor and looking through the cracks between the two chairs in front but his first experience at the movies was a hit.

Now I just have to recover from the shock at the cost!

xx Susan

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