Saturday, July 7, 2012

Come into my garden

I really don't have a garden as such because I'm not really a gardener.  I love beautiful gardens but I think I'm too lazy to look after my own garden.  Either that or every time I decided to do something about my weeds I come across heaps of toads lying in wait to ambush me so I run, screaming like a banshee back inside and the gardening gets put off for a few more months.

(I don't really like cane toads in case you haven't worked that out!)

I was outside with my camera earlier, taking snaps of the kidlettes while they were continuing on with their construction work at the side of the house.  While there, I started taking some photos of things in the garden.

Lets just say that I was surprised at just what was growing and flowering in the garden.  Don't ask me what the plants are though because I only know the geraniums and the gerberas.

All these plants are very hardy.

They have to be hardy really as the only water they get is when it rains.

They also grow in my front gardens which means they face full west.  Therefore most of the year they are pummelled with stifling heat and a really burning sun.

I think they're doing pretty well for themselves since they're left to their own devices.

It's also made me look at the smaller scenes within the big picture that is my yard and I don't feel as upset with myself for not doing more.

It's been a happy little journey this morning.

xx Susan

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