Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baking, sleepovers, tennis....and more rain

I thought it had been a wet weekend but really it was cool and cloudy with some showers. The last couple of days have been WET with lots of soaking rain.   It's been lovely, snuggly weather and perfect for baking. 

There was chocolate slice (which I had 3 helpful little boys wanting to decorate!)

I had two of my nephews here yesterday afternoon, in the rain so everyone was stuck inside.  Little Miss R has been sick for the last couple of days so she wasn't her usual effervescent self either. 

The kitchen is the hub of my home, literally.  You have to go through it to get to nearly any room so when keeping an eye of 4 kids it's so much easier being in there and keeping busy.

I also made some cupcakes.

Then had to make some lemon slice as Little Miss R hates chocolate and since the boys were getting chocolate slice, she pleadingly asked if us girls could have some lemon slice.  How could I refuse?

My nephew J ended up staying the night and when we have someone here for a sleepover the kids always request pancakes for breaky.

They were delicious!

Of course it was raining again and since Hubby's home, he and the kids spent most of the day movie watching in the lounge.  They were all happy so I decided to have some happy time for myself as well. 

As Wimbledon is on I've been watching some of it until I'm ready for bed, then I tape the rest.

That means that I've spent a lot of this lovely, wet day watching the tennis and doing some crochet.  Don't you love this sparkly yarn! (Not that the picture shows it well cause it's so dark here).  It's lovely and soft too.  Oh the possibilities!

Time to think about feeding the family again so I'll catch you next time.

xx Susan

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