Sunday, May 27, 2012

Peachester Quilt Show

On Saturday my Mum, sister Sandra and myself went up to the nearby town of Peachester for their annual Quilt show.

It's the first time I've ever been and I was so impressed with the beauty and quality of the quilts made by the local ladies.

We were greeted with this pretty amazing car cover as you arrive at the old Peachester hall.

Inside there were so many amazing quilts.  Many picture quilts (click on them to make them larger if you like).

This beachy theme was really cute.

I just loved all the images of children playing at the beach.

This was one of my favourites and had a Dutch theme.  The maker of the quilt wanted to make one celebrating her heritage and it was so amazingly well made.

It really was just beautiful.

There was a Christmas section and I loved the following quilt that reminded me of Whoville from The Grinch.

There were so many beautiful, bright quilts including the following butterfly quilt.

This really effective rainbow diamond shape quilt.

Lots of happy flowers.

...and this absolutely HUGE brightly coloured one that my sister described as looking as if a rainbow vomitted on it.  That's in no way a bad comment because she loves colour (you only have to see her house), and this was her favourite quilt.

I also loved the next quilt which was HUGE.  The work that went in to it was amazing.

The detail was extraordinary and and it had embroidery, sequins and other extra bits embellishing it.  Not enough to overpower it, just enough to add to the final effect. 

If you love the good old fashioned hexagon, then this quilt was for you.

The centre of each hexagon had a different picture.

I really loved the idea of the next quilt.  It was for a lady's 50th birthday and her friends and family had all written a message on a calico heart.

These were then incorporated into a very special birthday quilt.

Then there was the artwork by some truly talented people.  The following picture of the Glasshouse Mountains was just beautiful.

I also loved the seahorse.

But the following portrait really blew me away.

After looking at all these amazing quilts, it was definately time for a cup of tea.

That's another reason I love country shows like this.  No takeaway cups or teabags here.  It's a huge teapot and proper tea cups when you need a pick me up.

...and of course something a little homemade to go with it too.

I know it's a long post with lots of pictures but I really wanted to share some of these wonderful quilts with you all.

xx Susan

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