Saturday, April 28, 2012

A scarf.....or two

Master M asked me to make him a scarf the other day.  I think it was the fact that it had suddenly turned cool and even though he REFUSED  to put on anything other than t-shirt and shorts, he must've felt a little cool to ask for a scarf.  He wouldn't even put shoes on so I just let him feel the cold.  He'll work it out when his feet turn blue!

After dropping Little Miss R at school I got straight into making a lovely grey scarf for my little man.  I had a PROJECT that needed finishing so no amount of housework was allowed to get in the way.

Luckily I checked with my boy because after about 10 minutes of crocheting I asked him how he liked it.  The look on his face was EXACTLY like his father's at times as he so calmly and dryly informed me that he wanted it BLUE!

After a quick search through my stash I realised that I did indeed have some blue yarn so I began AGAIN.

A few hours later it was finished.  It really didn't take me that long to crochet but I did have a zillion interruptions along the way because you can't just sit on your bum and crochet when looking after an extremely active 4 year old boy.

I didn't edge the scarf and it's also made out of two different coloured blues because I ran out of the first colour about two thirds of the way through. 

Considering my little man was asking me if I'd finished it about every 5 minutes, I didn't DARE undo it all and start again with the second colour knowing I had enough of this to finish a full scarf for him.

He now has a two coloured blue scarf that he loves so much and keeps wrapping around himself telling me:

"my scarf is LOVELY mummy.  I love's LOOOOVELY"

This was repeated MANY times.  Very cute, that was until he decided it was perfect for tying on of his crocodiles up with.  I really should have know that's what it would end up doing as any piece of rope, yarn, belt, fabric etc that's more than about 50 cm long ends up tying up one of his MANY crocodiles.  He's obsessed.

Then I decided that when Little Miss R got home from school she'd really want a scarf for herself.  I mean a few days ago we had the air conditioner on at night because it was pretty hot but it's the first cool day so out comes the winter stuff!

I decided to make my girl a scarf for school so here's the start of what I'm doing:

Will show you the rest when I've finished it, as well as the verdict from my girl.  It could go either way with her, she'll either love it or in  no uncertain terms tell you that she HATES it and that she wanted something in PINK....or BLUE.......or PURPLE.......or RED.....whichever is her favourite colour at that particular moment.

I just do what I want and I know that she'll like it on ONE day in the near future at least.

xx Susan

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