Thursday, April 26, 2012

An oval basket

Here it is! The basket I was making the other day is now finished. Yay!

It's been pulled apart many times (the base about 5 times) and the sides redone (4 times) until I was happy with it.  Sometimes it was just way too floppy, others I made it too high and it wouldn't sit right. 

I've finally got it how I like it and thank goodness I wrote down most of what I did so I can make another one.

Who knows, I may even have a go at writing up a tutorial for it but that may be a little too scarey for me!  We'll see.

It's made using a size 7mm crochet hook and combining 3 8ply strands of yarn to help give it some structure.  I used bright pink, light pink and blue to give it a speckled look. 

Hope you love my little bag.  I do.

xx Susan

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