Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday began quite early in our household.

The Easter Bunny visited around 5 am and I seem to be the only person who heard him zipping around the house and the backyard. 

Lucky he delivered at that time because Little Miss R, who has been sleeping in until around 7am lately, just had to get up to go to the toilet just before 6am.

I heard her wandering around then she came in to tell me (with big excited saucer eyes) that the Easter Bunny had been.

The hunt was then on....

After the kids were sugared up early in the morning and then I did lots of scrambling to get things ready, we headed off to Caloundra to spend the day with Lovely Hubby's family.

We haven't all been together for a few years and as his brother is in the Navy and has been serving in the Middle East for the last 6 months or more, it was fantastic to see everyone again.

As we got closer to Caloundra we thought we were in for a wet day but thank goodness the few showers cleared and it ended up being such a gorgeous day.

Our kidlettes and their cousins had a great time playing together and splashing around in the water.  In fact we had a bit of a difficult time getting them out of the water for lunch.

After lunch and a bit of a fish some of the family left as they had other commitments so Hubby's brother's family, my Mother-In-Law and our family changed locations for some hopefully better fishing and play.

We found a spot that's designed just for fishing with a public jetty with seats made for just that purpose.

It was the most beautiful day and I loved my vantage point, sitting under the pandanas palms and looking straight into the mouth of the passage with Bulcock beach and one of the main areas of Caloundra to the left and the very tip of Bribie Island the sandy tip on the right.

Right in front of us was a bit of a beach where the kids could play and paddle and we could all fish if we wanted to.

By this late in the afternoon everyone was getting pretty tired but we were all happy to relax so while all the other adults were happy down at the water either fishing or playing with the kids, I decided to enjoy a bit of 'me' time in a beautiful spot.

It was such a wonderful day.

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend no matter what you did or didn't do.

xx Susan

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