Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lurking and posting comments

I'm confess that I'm a lurker!

I'm one of those statistics on your blog page that you know has been to visit but never left a comment.  Shame on me I know, especially as some blogs I've followed for years.

That's all changing though and I'm now starting to comment on other people's blogs.  I know how lovely it is to receive comments, no matter how small or inane, so I'm dusting off my shyness and am ready for a chat.

My biggest problem now is that I can't seem to comment on a lot of people's blogs under my blog name.  It's obviously something to do with my settings because I've worked out that when the comment box is embedded at the bottom of a page, I can only comment as Anonomys.  If the anonomys setting isn't enabled by the blogger of that post then I can't comment at all. 

If the comment box takes me to another page then for some reason I CAN comment under my blog name. 

I'm not tech savvy enough to work out how to fix this, maybe it's something to do with blogger but then other people don't seem to have this problem.  If you do then please let me know so I feel better and not so lonely!

xx Susan

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